Aginova Wireless (Wi-Fi) Sensors 

Extend your smart phone, Sense the world, Sensing is a pleasure with iCelsius Wireless, Easy to use and works with both iOS and Android devices>

iPlug - Extend your smartphone - sense energy

iPcap Solution - See the invisible, Analyze Wi-Fi

Sentinel - Monitor environmental, energy & more, use low power wi-fi

Corrosion - Cost Effective Corrosion Solutions for Integrity Monitoring and Management

Sentinel Software - Aginova Cloud Services, Enterprise Solution (Onsite), Desktop Software Pick the software taking into account the number of sensors & if monitoring is local or remote.
Desktop Software Install on Windows on a PC. Sensor data flow through an existing Wi-Fi network to the desktop software. The software is used to view graphs, reports and configure alarms. Recommended for: Evaluation of Low number of sensors (less then 30) Setups which DO NOT require web access
Enterprise Software Secure your data on-site
For convenience and security, Aginova offers full control of data through the Enterprise On-Site Edition Recommended for: Increased security Possible integration and customization with other existing systems (not included) Setups which require only internal web access
Cloud Services Your data is stored on the Aginova Cloud
We recommend this setup as the simplest introduction to our Wi-Fi based sensor network. This scenario only requires our sensors, deployed within your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. There are no servers or databases to manage in the Web Hosted Edition. The sensors simply send the data to one of our hosted servers, where you can access the data from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Recommended for: Evaluation of our sensors Low number of sensors Setups which require web access

Sentinel Wireless Sensors iRust Wireless Corrosion Sensors iCelsius - extend your iPhone sense the world iCelsius Wireless - extend your senses with Wi-Fi sensors iCelsius Blue